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Generative interactive art piece

Chromoplasms have 10 features that approximately describe their configuration, behavior, and appearance. Like their predecessors, mono cells, they start from a basic primitive shape and develop in several stages through the application of growth rules. The highest stage observed for a chromoplasm is 4, which is also GPU-intensive to display and interact with.

Each chromoplasm has both structural as well as behavioral features. Structural ones include starting primitive, stage (1-4), and order (symmetric/irregular), with many growth-related features remaining hidden. Behavioral features include reconfiguration of node connections, modulation of node distances, and degeneration type. Occasionally, nodes change size in oscillating patterns. Around 300 color palettes are grouped in 8 categories.

Coded in Javascript and GLSL using Three.js and D3 frameworks.

This project was a collaboration with {protocell:labs}, founded by Luka Piskorec and Kane Borg.