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Interactive web mesh algorithm


Crystalyxes are crystalline-like artificial organisms with transparent, iridescent and faceted membrane which forms their main body. They are first protocells to have evolved a triangulated mesh capable of rendering simple material properties like translucency, specular shine, color variation and luminescence. Not resembling any organism found on Earth, their compositions are named after precious stones, with the most common one being lapis lazuli. Rare ruby and emerald compositions are also occasionally observed.


Crystalyxes come in 3-bit as well as monochrome variants, with latter being rarer. Structure and dynamics of each crystalyx is guided by behavioral features like reconfiguration (affecting topology) and modulation (affecting geometry). They inhabit both darker and light-abundant environments. Some mimic the color of their environment for camouflage, while others create contrasting shades to intimidate competitors. They are rendered in real-time in your browser and can be interacted with by pulling the tips of their facets.


This project was a collaboration with {protocell:labs}, founded by Luka Piskorec and Kane Borg.